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Range | Expression | Opportunity

One of the most expressive creative outlets- acting grants me the opportunity to leave my comfort zone, exploring different worlds. Looking up to actors/actresses like Cicely Tyson, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Al Pacino, Leonardo Dicaprio, Angela Bassett, Mark Wahlberg and Cuba Gooding Jr. just to name a few; I love how captivating their roles are, and remember how my brothers, cousins, and I would attempt to emulate them in our youth.


My goal is to develop into an actor that has that lasting effect on viewers. I want to take on roles that relate not only to people's everyday lives, but also relate to their fantasies; excersising a wide range of emotion, unique manurisms tailored to the character, and versatility across multiple genres along the way. 

Disclaimer: it's been some time, and I have some updating to do as far as posting more recent acting content to my portfolio. I'm currently building my reel- but check out the work below in the meantime. 

Reva Devito- "Deeper" Music Video - September 2016

Directed by Reva Devito and Ikaika Cofer

"The Chicken & The Fox" Short Film - July 2016

Shot for the 2016 Portland 48 Hour Film Festival

Directed by Philip Hinckley

Wild One's - "They Said" Music Video - July 2015

Directed by Beck Holladay

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