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The Chance Platform

Low Risk, High Reward | For The People, By The People

The Chance Platform is a new system I've designed to present a new angle, and make things fun. Not only will this platform be home to all of my work for sale- but secret/random releases, raffles, giveaways and exclusive projects will also be found here through affordable, "low-risk, high reward" promotions. 


The goal of the Chance Platform is to give everyone a chance to obtain custom work. How great the chances are, however, is up to the people- as the platform embraces a partial and evolving "For the people, by the people" type of approach. Your participation and/or purchases can influence elements of a promotion, like increasing the  amount of winners in a raffle- and can even lead to projects and promotions that will be produced by you, the people.  (Detailed in the general info below.)


What are the chances you'll win a pair of customs, valued anywhere from $300 & up, for as little as $1?


What are the chances you'll happen to check the platform when a new product is secretly and randomly added? What are the chances you'll be one of the few people to buy it before it sells out?

That's up to you.

Raffles (General Info)

I will raffle several different kinds of customized (and original) products, but you'll often see footwear on the platform. 


Raffle entry prices vary by project, but generally range from $1 - $20 per entry. On occasion, the entry price may exceed $20.


Each entry purchased submits you into a drawing to win the raffled product- meaning if entries cost $5, $20 will earn you 4 entries. In most raffles there will be no entry limits- meaning you may purchase as many entries as you feel necessary to have the best chances of winning. For other raffles there will be a cap established

In select raffles, if the number of entries reaches a project specific mark- more inventory will be added to the raffle and more winners will be selected. This will be referred to as "upscale".  For instance, say one pair of shoes is being raffled at $__ an entry, and the upscale mark is set to 100 entries. Once 100 entries have been reached, upscale happens- the inventory will rise and more winners will be selected. Each time the amount of entries reaches another 100 on that specific project, upscale repeats, more inventory is added, and more winners selected.  

The duration of each raffle will vary, but will generally run for a weeks time.


Winners will be randomly selected out of all entries collected from that specific raffle. and the drawings streamed live on Instagram live, Facebook live, and Periscope. The winners will then be contacted, and in cases where the products are created upon completion of the respective raffles- the production process will start. Turnaround for made-to-order and raffled custom footwear is currently set at 4-8 weeks.

There is no limit on how many tickets you may buy, so yes- the more tickets you purchase, the better your chances of being selected are.


All ticket sales are final, non-refundable and non-negotiable. Any questions may be directed here. 


Good Luck!



Shall we?
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