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Traditionally Unconventional

Adversity | The Road Less Traveled | Trial & Error | Dedication

In collaboration with the Portland State University School of Business and the Center for Retail Leadership, "Traditionally Unconventional" is a series of interactive pop up exhibitions inspired by the approach I have to learning, creating, and navigating. The first exhibit was titled "Why Not Me"; a mindset inspired by pioneers such as Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, that allows me to keep pushing forward with my creativity.

My goal through is to encourage creative individuals to reach for their full potential, regardless of their circumstances. If I can get even one person to challenge the status quo and say “Why Not Me” as well, it could change the world; and if nothing else, it could change theirs. 

The exhibit is also home to the first official Chance Platform Session; a pair of custom NMD R1's pictured below.

For this physical and digital session, anyone has the option to either buy a spot for $1.00, and/or submit a story about 1. a time when they said "Why Not Me" and the result or 2. a time when they wish they could've said "Why Not Me" but weren't confident in doing so. One dollar buys one spot in the lot with no spot or lot cap, but in an effort to encourage storytelling, sharing a story earns 10 spots. For a full understanding of the vocabulary and general information about The Chance Platform, click here or send an email to

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