Who Am I

I am an interdisciplinary Entrepreneur and Independent Contractor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2013 to harness my skillset, and since have worked professionally in the athletic/outdoor, e-commerce, technology, entertainment & fashion industries among others. I've been honored to work with a client list including Nike, Jordan Brand, adidas, Reebok, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Beats By Dre, Wells Fargo, The NFL, The NBA, Red Bull, TOMS, Lululemon, Keen Footwear, Brooks Running, New Balance and more.


From freelance product design and customization to commercial/fit/print/fashion modeling, styling, acting, voice-over, music production, event promotion & consulting to name a few; I work with individuals, small businesses and major corporations around the world to impact, relay and materialize the ideologies of several target demographics- both internally and externally.

I [not so] jokingly call myself a "2x All-American College Dropout" because I left a full ride scholarship from the United States Department of the Navy and Marquette University in 2011- as well as Deans List honors and the Portland Art Institute in 2014; to pursue entrepreneurship and motivate a lot of people along the way.


Adopting “The Never-Ending Render” as the title for [everyone’s] journey, I find comfort outside of my comfort zone, and focus on personal development to lead by example; hopeful to show both the youth and adults alike what can happen when you explore, trust and act on your capabilities. 

It doesn’t matter how young, or how old you are. Each day is a new opportunity to be better than you were the day before, in some way; or in many ways. We consciously/subconsciously work towards several goals, whether big or small, everyday. This is what “The Never-Ending Render” is all about. Just as “rendering” refers to adding life to an unfinished design, “The Never-Ending Render” is the metaphor of a fulfilling life spent working towards your maximum potential.  

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

- Zig Ziglar