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1123: The Chance Platform
Low Risk, High Reward | For the People, By The People | Made To Order



  • Sample Session - MBC Research Prototype
    Mar 08, 7:00 PM PST – Mar 22, 7:00 PM PDT
    Normally priced at $10,000, this is your chance to purchase the Metastatic Breast Cancer prototypes for $50. View this pair in further detail on the footwear tab.
  • Sample Session - Viper Blazers
    Wed, Mar 08
    Mar 08, 7:00 PM PST – Mar 22, 7:00 PM PDT
    Normally priced at $3,000, this is your chance to purchase the Viper Blazers for as little as $10

The Chance Platform is a subsidiary of 723, and a new system that I've designed- both a digital and physical marketplace for obtaining products, exclusive access to various services and public campaigns fueled by community engagement. Not only will this platform be home to all of my work for sale- but secret/random releases, raffles (sessions), giveaways and other exclusive projects will also be found here through affordable, low-risk, high reward promotions. 


The goal of the Chance Platform is to

  • Cater to consumers both inside and outside of 723's target market, regardless of income 

  • Innovate and evolve the way people obtain product and access to a variety of services,

  • Provide learning opportunities

  • Generate a unique ecommerce experience that promotes power in community 

  • Grow trust & report by word of mouth . How great the chances are is up to the people- as the platform embraces a partial/evolving "For the people, by the people" type of approach. Your participation and/or purchases can influence elements of a promotion, like increasing the amount of winners in a session- and can even lead to projects and promotions that will be produced in collaboration with you, the people.  (Detailed in the Sessions general info below.)


What are the chances you'll win customized product, valued anywhere from $300 & up, for as little as $1 a spot?

What are the chances you'll happen to check the platform when a new product is secretly and randomly added?

What are the chances you'll be one of the few people to buy a product before it sells out?


That's up to you.



  • Session(ed)- the event of a product or service being raffled on the Chance Platform, in which participants will have the chance to purchase a spot in order to win a select product/service.

  • Spot - An entry into a session. Each spot purchased earns a "Spot in the Lot."

  • Lot - group of all participants in a session who have purchased a spot in a session- a metaphorical waiting room.

  • Upscale- the event of more winners being selected/inventory added to a session due to the upscale mark being surpassed.

  • Upscale Mark- the number of participants needed or revenue obtained in order for more winners to be chosen and more inventory added to a session.

  • Spot Cap- the limit for how many spots one participant may purchase within a given session.

  • Lot Cap- The limit for participants allowed in a given session. Often partnered with a spot cap to balance the chances for participants in the Lot.

Sessions (General Info)

I will session several different kinds of customized (and original) products & services, but you'll often see footwear on the platform. 


Session spot prices vary by project, but generally range from $1 - $20 per spot. On occasion, the spot price may exceed $20.


Each spot purchased is a separate submission into the lot to win the sessioned product- meaning if spot costs $5- $20 will purchase 4 spots. In most sessions there will be no limits on how many spots a participant may purchase, meaning you may purchase as many spots as you feel necessary to have the best chances of winning. For other raffles, there will be a cap established.

In select sessions, if the amount of spots and/or revenue earned reaches a project specific upscale mark- more inventory will be added to the session and more winners will be selected. This is referred to as "upscale".  For instance, say one pair of shoes is being sessioned at $__ a spot, and the upscale mark is set to 100 entries. Once 100 entries have been surpassed, upscale happens- the inventory will rise and more winners will be selected at the end of the session. Each time the amount of entries reaches another 100 on that specific project, upscale repeats, more inventory is added, more winners are selected, and the cycle continues. The upscale mark varies by project.

The duration of each session will vary, but will range from a week to a month generally. 

Winners will be randomly selected out of all spots collected from a given session, and the drawings streamed live on various social media platforms (i.e. Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Ustream, Twitch, etc. The winners will then be contacted, and in cases where the products are created upon completion of the respective sessions- the production process will start. Turnaround for made-to-order and sessioned custom footwear is currently set at 4-8 weeks, subject to change.

All spot purchases are final, non refundable and non negotiable. Any questions may be directed to Terms & Conditions apply.


Good Luck!



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